These planters make lovely additions to any entry or porch. They are planted with some of our best premium trailing selections, which also includes a nice addition of dracaena spikes in the middle. Regular price 29.99

Locally made, bench seats, chairs and ladders now all 20% off!

These hanging baskets are looking PRIMO & summer ready! – only 39.99

Welcome guests at your front door with a pretty hanging basket that will last all summer long.

You can create a beautiful addition to your home and add vertical interest with a VW Home & Garden hanging basket.

Sunfinity Sunflowers™

You will love
Sunfinity Sunflowers
… they thrive and bloom continuously all season long.

Sunfinity Sunflowers have lots of blooms that can be cut and used indoors, with no mess and without damaging the outdoor plant.

The outdoor plant will continue to bloom long after traditional sunflowers have bloomed and died.

Pink Japanese Barberry.

This Zone 4 shrub does very well here in Whatcom county. It puts out new growth as mottled red and pink, the matures to reddish-purple. A very showy variety.

Chaste Tree

This beautiful garden tree shows large terminal clusters of fragrant lilac-colored blooms, backed by aromatic gray-green foliage.

If you have a sunny spot in your yard that looks perfect for a flower garden, make sure you choose plants that can thrive in hot sun without a lot of extra care.

Geraniums 3.99

African Daisies 3.79

Gazanias 3.79

Dahlias 3.79 – 6.99

Blue Salvia 3.79

Premium Annuals  3.99

Many people think that if they have a shady yard, they have no choice but to have a foliage garden. This is not true. There are flowers that grow in shade. A few shade-tolerant flowers planted in the right places can bring a little color to a dark corner.

Coleus 3.79

Fun Fact: Our Coleus can also take full sun!

Begonias 3.79

Fuchsia Starts 3.79 – 5.99

Lobelia 3.79

NG Impatiens 3.79

Sweet Potato Vine 3.79

If you fancy showing off big, impressive and scented hanging baskets this summer, look no further. Fragrant Falls Begonias will last through the summer and into fall on a shady porch or in a back yard garden.



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Watering Your Garden, Planters & Hanging Baskets.

Watering Your Garden, Planters & Hanging Baskets.

During the spring and fall, you should check the soil moisture approximately every 3-5 days. During the hot and dry summer months, this should be done everyday for planters and hanging baskets, 2-3 days for in ground small-medium sized plants and every 3-5 days for larger plants and trees.

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Fertilizing your hanging baskets.

Fertilizing your hanging baskets.

Your hanging baskets are only getting nutrition if you provide it to them. After watering, regular fertilizing at the right amount and time is the most important thing to keep your plants thriving.

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