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Black Tulip Magnolia
This is the darkest, most dramatic tulip magnolia of any on the market, with rich, deep burgundy-red six-inch-wide blooms that appear before the foliage emerges in early spring.  – More Information

Purple Stem Sweet Box
Masses of highly fragrant flowers add wonderful appeal to the winter garden. This easy, slowly spreading shrub has showy red stems that bear slender evergreen leaves.  – More Information

Royal Star Magnolia
Early bloomer with large, fragrant, white double flowers appearing before the foliage emerges in spring. Useful in areas where late freezes can occur.  – More Information

Pink Dawn Virburnum
A wonderful shrub for multi-season beauty. After putting on a late winter to early spring show of fragrant pink flower clusters, rich green leaves cloak its cinnamon colored branches.  – More Information

Magical Gold Forsythia
Extra large, rich golden yellow flowers completely shroud the bare stems in early spring.  – More Information

Pacific Fire Vine Maple
Beautiful creamy yellow and coral red stems make a striking winter specimen. Rich green leaves clothe the stems through summer and turn yellow in fall  – More Information

Coral Bark Japanese Maple
This beautiful small tree has brilliant red-coral bark on its young branches with color that intensifies in the winter. Deeply cut, pale green leaves display attractive red margins and turn a vibrant, golden yellow in fall.   – More Information

Custom Containers Made for Early Spring!

Cold Hardy Garden & Outdoor Container Plants

4-inch Primrose $1.49
More info

4-inch Pansies $1.49
More info

Ranunculus 4 inch $2.79
More info.

Color Bowls 8 Inch $9.99


The large, dark leaves of the anthurium plant suck up ammonia, formaldehyde, toluene, and xylene, so they’re a thoughtful addition for any workplace.

These plants will bring an exotically memorable experience to any meeting at your office workstation.

Enjoy a quick glance away into the jungle (good for your eyes) as you carefully examine the ever-changing nature of your new anthurium’s botanical display.

6-inch Cyclamen
are $12.99
More info

4-inch Anthurium are $6.99
and 6-inch are $14.99
More info

4 inch Kalanchoe are $6.99 & and 6 inch are $12.99
More info.

Boston Fern Hanging Baskets
are $14.99
More info


It's Here! This weekend we are offering a free class on pruning in Whatcom County. Starting at 10:00 AM. Please let us know you are coming by filling out the form on the link: ... See MoreSee Less


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How to prune in Whatcom county

How to prune in Whatcom county

Tree & shrub pruning is a great way to improve the look of your yard. VW home & garden now offers a class in how to increase your skill in tree & shrub pruning care.

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