Autumn Leaves Special!

only 19.99 / planter

Each planter is custom made with beautiful fall flowers and foliage! Choose from our “Autumn leaf” planter or our “Autumn welcome sign” planter.


Hydrangea “pistachio”

Special purchase on this multicolor bloom Hydrangea.
Sun to shade. Grows about 3 feet tall and wide with blooms appearing in early summer. Group 3 together 4 feet apart  you’ll be glad you did.Reg. 13.99 now only 5.99 each


New houseplant just in!

Shrimp Plant
Unusual flowers  that resemble a large shrimp.
This one prefers lots of light and can be grown outside in the Summer.
9.99 each


Hypericum  “Hypearl”

Nice in fall containers.
6 inch pots  7.99 each


Our best deal of the week…

6 inch pot size purple Fall Kale
1.49 each! – Reg.  3.99
A special purchase on these huge beauties. As the weather cools the color gets better and better.


Fall Pansies

10 for 10 dollars
Stock up now on these happy faces for the Fall season.
These often will return in the Spring to give you a second display of beautiful color. Very tolerant of cold and can bloom all Winter.


All 10 inch pot mums

Reg. 12.99 each – Now 3/10 dollars
We have an abundant supply of these beauties and are offering them at huge savings.


Fall custom baskets now for sale!

Revive your porch, patio or garden with some amazing fall color. These baskets make great gifts!


Mukgenia  ‘flame’ &  ‘Crimson Fans’ are fall perennials that will work in shade or sun.
Dark pink flowers in Summer give way to beautiful fall color on the leaves.


Fall is officially here and the official flower of fall is the Mum!
We have a full bounty of beautiful 10″ mums for only 12.99 each
Quantities are limited so hurry on in!




Poinsettias Retouched-4

Poinsettias Retouched

Poinsettias Retouched-2

Poinsettias Retouched-3

Poinsettia update.

As many of you know, we have increased our poinsettia production to over  200,000 this year and the time has come for them to be spaced. Our crew has done a fabulous job and worked very hard to get this huge job done.  Great Job Folks!

Our poinsettia guru Dean has the crop looking top notch and we are glad to have him at the helm this year.

What’s New – In Pictures:

home decor

Home Décor

Your patio and home just isn’t complete without stylish décor that will help soften your living space for everyone to enjoy! We also carry clothing, jewelry, and seasonal decorations.


Trees & Shrubs

All impressive gardens start with a good foundation of trees and shrubs. They provide structure to focus interest, provide privacy, add wildlife habitat or include fragrance.



From Spring Pansies to Fall Mums, we have all the annuals you will ever need. Lasting from March through to November, our annuals are perfectly happy in Whatcom County.



This Spring we have great selection of high quality starts in our edibles section.  When you grow your own herbs, vegetables and fruit, you’re able to enjoy every stage of making your meal.



You can depend on us for top quality and difficult to find plant varieties perfectly suited for our northwest marine climate. Perennials add so much personality to your garden.

indoor plants

Indoor Plants

Houseplants are such a simple way to add life to your home or office. We’ve got a great selection of flowering, tall/short and just about everything you can think of, plants!


Hanging Baskets

Van Wingerden’s is probably best know for it’s high quality hanging baskets. We put considerable effort into the planning & creation of all our hanging basket sizes; 12, 14 and 18 inches.

Gardening Supplies

Gardening Supplies

Whether it is soil amendments or a big bag of potting soil we have it. We also have seeds, gardening tools, lawn care and many other items to assist in your gardening passions.