Sweet box is a beautiful shrub for shady areas! White flowers are small but very fragrant. Followed by bright red fruit. Forms natural espalier against a wall. An outstanding choice for dry shade gardens where other plants won’t grow!

Also called Christmas or sarcococcas , they are easy to grow, more reliable and glossier than a box, with shinier leaves and incredible-smelling flowers The sweet box shrub are a great choice for edging of formal beds, especially in shade.

Visitors who come to your garden here in Whatcom county during the winter months will definitely remark on the glorious fragrance.

It can grow as high as 6ft but 4ft is a more usual height. It spreads a bit … a shrub that is healthy all year, flowers during the dreariest season and is so cheerful and sweet smelling deserves some space.

After the tiny white-scented threads bloom in fall, it will produce black berries.

The Sweet Box shrub originates from China, coming to the West in the late 19th century and looks as polished as porcelain. Flower-arrangers like the fact that it can last for as long as a fortnight in water, while gardeners praise its neat elegance.

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