The candytuft plant (Iberis sempervirens) hails from Europe. But has adapted well to our Whatcom County growing zone. The 12- to 18-inch stunning performer is a flowering, evergreen perennial with a few must do’s for appropriate candytuft care and desired performance.

Candytuft care involves planting in well draining, alkaline soil. A sunny location is preferred as the candytuft plant won’t grow in shade or overly damp soil. Acidic soil may need amendments such as lime to insure the candytuft plant strongly produces a full bloom. Growing candytuft is worth the effort as the delicate flowers appear in early spring through summer, often reblooming in fall.

Once blooms of the are spent, cut the entire candytuft plant back to ground level. This should be done at least every other year to prevent this short, blooming beauty from becoming too tall with spindly growth. The candytuft plant is actually a woody plant, but is most attractive when treated as a herbaceous perennial.

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