Carnation Super Trouper™ produces vibrant bursts of color. These potted carnations do not hold back with their vibrant colors. Like the ‘spray’ and ‘standard’ carnation varieties the ‘pot’ carnation belongs to the genus Dianthus. The Dianthus family are versatile plants that are well known in gardens and nurseries

Super Trouper™ is easy growing and long-blooming, dwarf hybrid carnation. Consistent weekly feeding will encourage blooms that are held on short sturdy stems atop colorful groups of linear, waxy blue–green leaves. Prompt removal of faded flower stems will encourage even heavier reblooming and more burst of color in your garden.

Super Trouper™ carnations are best grown outdoors in full sun. They will provide months of continual color. They have a good cold tolerance and can handle a light frost. They work really well in patio pots or directly planted in the garden.

Carnations require well-drained soil with regular watering. Note: keep them slightly drier in the cooler winter months.

Carnations can be susceptible to root rot when watered too much. Yellow leaves are a clear sign of over watering!

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