Saturday, September 16th, 2017 starting at 10:00 am, Mike DeLancey will be providing instruction and answering your questions regarding Whatcom County lawn care.

Here are some of the topics he will be covering:

1.Fall Lawn fertilization Why we do it now.
Advantages of a Fall application of fertilizer.

2. Other products for your lawn this Fall.
Moss Control.
Weed control

3. Some equipment points and tips.
Fertilizer spreaders…Drop vs Broadcast.
Mowers…Cutting height.
Why you should keep your blade sharp. (Besides cutting toes off cleanly)
Why leave the grass clippings on the lawn rather than bagging.

4. Thatching the lawn vs Aerating the lawn.
How to determine if the lawn needs thatching.
How aeration keeps the lawn healthy and reduces thatch.

5. Watering
Types of sprinklers.
How much water do I put on? How to measure the amount applied.
Can I just let the lawn go brown and what happens if I do?

There is NO COST for this class. We just ask that if you plan on attending please fill out the form on the right … or below if you are viewing by mobile.

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8210 Portal Way
Blaine, WA 9898230
(360) 366-3906