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Salvia greggii Mirage Cherry red
Salvia greggii Mirage Soft Pink
Salvia greggii Mirage Violet
salvia greggii mirage cream

Coreopsis UpTick™ Yellow & Red

Scientific Name : Coreopsis hybrida
Common Name : Tickseed
Hardiness Zone : 5a – 9b
Hardiness Degree : -25°F (-32°C)
Blooming Season : Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Early Spring, Spring, Winter, Late Summer
Plant Habit : Mounded
Characteristics : Attracts Bees, Attracts Butterflies, Heat Tolerant
Water : Medium
Fertilizer : Once a month
Spacing : 14 – 16″ (36 – 41cm)
Height : 12 – 14″ (30 – 36cm)
Width : 12 – 14″ (30 – 36cm)
Exposure : Sun
General Information : Summer-long blooming and garden interest.
Idea & Tips : Plant in a sunny location in well-drained soils. Fertilize monthly.

Grower Information : Easy-to-finish series has bigger flowers and longer blooming for more color at retail and in the garden.

  • Tidy, mounded habit is easier to ship and shows better at retail.
  • Keeps its shape – and color – in the landscape all Summer long.
  • Cream is a clean, creamy white that’s much sought-after for landscape design.
  • Low maintenance and very mildew-resistant.

Louisiana State University 2016 Field Trials “Top Performer”
Four Oaks “Best New Nursery Stock Plant Introduction”
Greenhouse Grower Medal Of Excellence Industry’s Choice Award
Metrolina Greenhouses Field Trials 2016 “Top Performer”


Protection Information : EU PBR48815; PP28,865
Breeder : Darwin Perennials

Propagation Guide
dia EC/pH:
EC 0.75-0.80 mmhos/pH 5.8-6.2
Soil Temperature:
70-72°F (21-22°C)
Rooting Hormone:
500-1,000 ppm IBA
50-75 ppm N
Pinch once in the liner stage.
35-42 days after sticking
Use low mist settings; do not oversaturate rooting media. Root zone temperatures of 70°F (21°C). Remove flowers in propagation.
Finishing Guide
Media pH:
Nights: 55 to 65°F (13 to 17°C) Days: 60 to 80°F (15 to 27°C)
Light Level (fc):
5,000 to 8,000
Day length neutral
Allow media to dry moderately between watering.
Use a balanced fertilizer at a rate of 125 to 150 ppm.
Pinch After Transplant:
Plant Growth Regulators:
PGRs generally not needed
Pests and Fungal Diseases:
Spider mites, Thrips
Crop Scheduling

Crop Scheduling

1–qt. (10–cm) pot, 1 plant per pot:
Not recommended
1–gal. (15–cm) pot, 1 plant per pot:
Rooted: 10-12 wks
2 to 3–gal. (25 to 30–cm) pot, 3 plants per pot:
Rooted: 12-14 wks
Bloom Months:
March to November
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