As Winter approaches, here are a few Fall projects you might consider:


I recommend a quick pruning of the plants to keep the canes from breaking in heavy winds Simply cut straight across the plant about 3 feet up from the ground. Remove crossing branches if you see them to keep them from rubbing together. Do your hard pruning in the late winter to stimulate new growth for flower production. I also recommend a light…light! application of fertilizer to keep the plant strong thru Winter. This will help to give a nice shot of growth in the Spring as well. A light feeding of trees and shrubs is beneficial also.


Fall fertilization is one of the single,  most beneficial things you can do for your lawn. Even if you only do one application of fertilizer a year do it in the Fall. Turf grass roots  will store the nutrients during the Winter months and in the Spring you will get nice green up without excessive growth.
Lawn grass in our area has active root growth most of the Winter.


I recommend you cut your grass shorter in the Fall to help prevent disease from invading the longer grass blades. If your lawn is long this can be accomplished over a series of shorter and shorter cutting heights a few days apart. Cutting more than 1/3rd off the lawn at a time is tough on it. Keep leaves picked up or finely mulched with your mower to avoid smothering your lawn. Wet heavy leaves on the Lawn all winter is not good for healthy turf.

Just a few non garden outside things …

Disconnect garden hoses.  This will allow frost free faucets to work properly.
Put a faucet cover over them also. Drain out your garden hose and store for winter.
Last but not least…put vent plugs in your vents. This will keep cold air from entering under the house.

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