The Easter Lily Has Arrived! Here at Van Wingerden Greenhouses, we have been working hard all winter to prepare over 60,000 plants. We are so excited about this new crop of super fragrant Easter lilies.

So what is an Easter Lily?

An Easter Lily is a Trumpet Lily Bulb. It can grow quite tall, display white – waxy fragrant flowers.

After your purchase and when you get your Easter lily to your home, office or church, place it in a bright spot that is not too hot.

Make sure to keep the soil moist. Be careful not to let them stand in water. If water is accumulating at the bottom it make be necessary to remove the tin foil wrap. It is also important to note; not let your lily get bone dry as it will dehydrate the flower and they will quickly wilt.

If you don’t want yellow stains on your flowers, pluck off the pollen stems. If you would like to reduce the scent, remove the pistil stamen. Additionally, by removing the pollen stems and pistil it will preserve the flower for a longer amount of time. Another thing to keep in mind to preserve the flowers; the cooler you keep the lily the longer it will last. They can survive down to 33 degrees.

Can I plant my lily in the Garden?

After the bloom is finished, don’t throw them away! Plant them out in your garden landscape. These trumpet lilies do quite well here in Whatcom county and are easy to grow. Place the bulb about 3 inches deep in a location that gets morning sun and shade in the afternoon. When you plant them, trim off the flowers, but don’t take off the green foliage. Grow them in triangles three inches apart. Remember these lilies can get up to 8 feet tall over time so make sure to keep that in consideration when you are placing them.Your Easter lily will probably not bloom the summer you plant it, but it will the following Spring and possibly again in the fall too.

Your lilies will begin to go dormant in mid-summer and turn yellow. Don’t worry, that is natural. Just cut them back to the ground and around about October they will come growing up again.