Succulents are fun to look at and easy to maintain which makes them so fitting for a succulent wreath project.

Succulent wreaths are great for hanging on a sunny front door, garden fence. You can also keep them inside as a table setting or even hanging them in your window. Be creative with where you put your wreath!

During the class, we provide a wire frame, sphagnum moss, decorative items and have some amazing succulents for purchase. We also recommend that you bring some of your own ideas. Something you might consider are the sea shells you have collected or bring some items in from the yard.

You begin creating your succulent wreath by lining the wire wreath form with the moss. Tip: wet the moss to make it more pliable. Don’t worry if the moss doesn’t look neat & even because it doesn’t grow in nature that way. Just make sure the bottom & sides of the form are lined & that you have enough moss to fold over & cover the root balls of the plants.

Lay the succulent plants out around the wreath form to determine what pattern is pleasing to you. Tip: use succulents which all stay rather low & tight (more in a rosette) rather than ones that grow taller with a stem. That way your wreath will keep a much better form over time. NOTE: it is possible to trim your succulents. See more information at Crisp Succulents.

Compact the root ball of the plants by lightly pressing them in your hands to get them in the form. Tip: if you water your succulents before doing this it’s much easier. Don’t worry because succulents are tough & can handle a gentle massage! You may not need to do this if your form has a larger planting space. Either way, you’re bound to make a big mess that is ok, we will clean it up!

After all your succulents are in, fold the moss that’s hanging over the edges back over the soil of the root balls. You may need to go back over & patch some pieces of moss over any exposed areas of soil as you want it completely covered with moss.

This Is The Biggest Tip: IF you plan to hang your wreath, make sure to lay it flat for at least 1 month, preferably 2, as the roots settle in. You don’t want to hang it on your door or wall & have it completely fall apart. Also, keep it out of any direct hot sun.

Over time you can adjust the succulents a bit to angle them the way you want them to grow. This also makes for a bit more interest rather them having them all lined up and growing in a perfect circle. It is best to let the wreath completely dry out then soak it to water your plants.

MARCH 9th ALL DAY- Open 10-4 … Come when it is convenient for you!
Experts will be on site to help you make the perfect succulent wreath or planter. Small and large wreath forms available. Prices of Wreath forms/moss/succulents etc apply but advice and soil are FREE!

Making your own succulent wreath is a highly satisfying activity and you end up with something you can enjoy for a long time to come!

If you are interested in joining our ALL DAY class on September 9th, please fill out the form to the right and let us know how many people and when approximately you would like to come.

From our Last Class: We had so much fun creating succulent wreaths in January. (1/28/17)


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