Strawberry Hanging Baskets Bellingham Washington

Strawberry Hanging Basket

Strawberry Hanging Basket

Hanging strawberry basket, a beautiful addition to your porch.

Strawberries are the easiest fruits to grow, and there’s nothing more delicious than home-grown strawberries! Instead of planting them in your garden, how about on your porch in a hanging basket? 

Growing strawberries in hanging baskets has always been popular,probably due to the face that strawberries are really easy to grow and maintain. Your VW Home & Garden strawberry hanging basket will only require minimal but frequent care. Make sure that the soil is moist but not soaked. Use a water soluble fertilizer every 10-14 days. Use fertilizers that are high in phosphorus because this will promote flower growth. These will look great hanging from your front porch, or on your patio!

  • Strawberry baskets take advantage of small spaces as well as hanging strawberry plants will not only be attractive but a useful food crop
  • Resistant to insect infestations and soil borne diseases along with its compact harvest area
  • Hanging strawberry baskets are also easy to move out of the heat or winter cold in order to protect the plant

Overwintering Strawberry Plants

Strawberries are perennial plants, which means they come back each year in the spring.

If you want to keep your hanging basket outside, place it in a large planter. Surround the hanging basket pot with mulch, straw, leaves, or paper to help insulate the pots from winter cold. Place the planter next to a wall, or somewhere out of the wind. Set your containers in an unheated garage or shed for the winter. The plants will be dormant, but will still need a little water every few weeks.
It’s important for strawberries to go through a cycle of dormancy during the winter so that they will bloom and fruit properly in the summer. Dormancy is like a rest period for the plant.

With a little care, you can have a bountiful crop of strawberries even if you don’t have much space for a garden, with a VW Home & Garden hanging strawberry basket.

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